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Owner Tobias Svantesson has been busy the last couple of months representing e-tennis on the tennis courts. He started off winning the Men’s Open title at Winter Park Tennis Center in August. Then winning 5 matches en route to the semifinals in the USTA 50’s National Clay Court Championship in Sarasota.

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Polyester (or co-poly) strings are among the least powerful and uncomfortable tennis strings on the market (Kevlar being the least powerful of all).

So why are people using them?

Control, durability and perceived spin benefits are the main drivers behind the popularity. These strings are ideal for the pros, hard hitting juniors and chronic string breakers. If you need more power, want more feel, don’t break strings frequently or have ANY issues with your shoulder, elbow or wrist, you are probably wise to stay away from these types of strings.

Here are some string facts that might be of interest if you are currently using polyester or considering trying it:

Natural Gut is the ultimate in playability, feel, tension maintenance and also by far the most expensive. Synthetic Gut (aka Nylon) is generally referring to solid core synthetic gut strings which are the most economical way to go as it delivers a good combination of playability and durability.

Multifilament strings offer more comfort and power than solid core synthetic gut strings, but with slightly less durability and tension maintenance. Polyester or Co-polyester has very little power and it is extremely stiff (even the “soft” polys) thus not very arm friendly, but offers great durability and control. → Read more

Congratulations to Tobias Svantesson, local tennis great who is heavily involved in all things tennis in our region, traveled to Barcelona, May 27-29 as part of the US International Club Team to participate in the 2016 Potter Cup Tournament. The team was Captained by former local pro Jeff Cohen, and had tennis greats Mikael Pernfors, Frank Vermeer, Carl Clark, and Horatio Rearte on the roster. → Read more

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