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After 10 years of research, extensive testing and input from the tennis community, Babolat offers yet another breakthrough innovation to the game of tennis: the new Babolat Play Pure Drive. The Babolat Play connected racquet allows every player to live a unique experience based on progression, fun and sharing. Eric Babolat, president and CEO of the eponymous company said, “The course of tennis history will change with connected racquets, and that starts with Babolat Play. I believe that in the near future, all tennis racquets will be connected.”

Gathering data to quantify your game and skills is a new concept in the game of tennis. Just as sports like running and biking have changed with quantified-self technologies, Babolat Play will alter the game of tennis for future generations. “In tennis, as in other sports and in our daily lives, sharing and comparing experiences through digital tools is becoming the new normal,” said Eric Babolat. “We’re adding concrete information to the sensations players receive.”

Babolat Play Pure Drive, the connected racquet Babolat Play keeps the excitement and adrenaline of the game going once the player has left the court by enabling tennis players of all levels to share their information and become united through a common language. → Read more

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